Infinity Koi Pond


Stunning. Imagine the view from the patio..... The window is 'Infinity' styled meaning the glass comes up to top of the wall as opposed to the traditional in wall type.

Again, GRP were entrusted to work on a finely built koi pond.

Questions often asked of us about koi pond viewing windows are 'What style of window should I have' and 'How thick should the glass be?'

The two styles available are the traditional in wall type and the infinity style as shown in this featured pond where the glas reaches to the top of the wall.

The thickness of the glass in both cases is calculated by our dedicated glass specialist contractor based on the following information. Pond dimensions and the height to the top of the glass from operating water level in the pond.Our customers receive a very good discount from the supplier (Discount code from GRP required.)

Here is a diagram of how the koi pond viewing window is installed WITHOUT the need to buy an aluminium frame.

Koi pond window design

A viewing window adds a fantastic dimension to your new koi pond and is very useful for keeping an eye on the health of the koi without having to net them.

Incredible Fibreglassed Koi Pond
Incredible Fibreglassed Koi Pond

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