Koi Pond Fibreglassing

GRP Lining Services is the most widely recognized company fibreglassing koi ponds in the UK. You will read about the quality of the work we do on every koi carp orientated discussion forum in the UK.

This reputation has been built on providing you the customer with peace of mind that you are not just purchasing fibreglass but also an unrivalled level of service and assistance in your koi pond project from the moment you contact us.

The fibreglassing process is one of the most important aspects of your koi pond building project and once we have completed the fibreglass installation you will be a huge step forward in beginning to enjoy your pond that will give you many years of pleasure.

Every customer receives a written quotation and specification of the fibreglass system we install so you know exactly what you are buying.

We will have worked on a pond similar to the way you are building yours regardless of its shape or size so if you need any assistance with the construction we'll link you to similar examples for inspiration and of course a reference from the satisfied customer if you wish.

Fully Insured Fibreglassers

Our expert team of specialists are fully insured to undertake any koi pond fibreglassing job in the UK. Our comprehensive insurance policy covers our workforce on the job we are undertaking for your peace of mind. More details are available on request.

Customer Testimonial

"A big thank you to Matt and his team who arrived at 8-30am after travelling from Derbyshire and didn't leave till 7pm tonight. They had a couple of calculated breaks for curing time but apart from that it was non-stop for 10 hours, well pleased."

Originally posted as a comment on Koi Vista by the Chairman of The Yorkshire Koi Society on 14th May 2005

How we fibreglass your pond

The GRP Finish