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"Whilst price is important you do pay for what you get when you use one of the top guys in terms of quality.

We went for 2 layers of 450 plus tissue, over polyurethene foam, Matt from GRPlining did the job and I would use him again without question. Regards, Dave"

Originally posted as a comment on the KoiQuest Forum May 15th 2008

"Many thanks for a job well done. There was no way I could have done it and I'm a big believer in getting things done by people who know what they're doing and have the right kit for the job. You can bank on me passing on the good word to anyone who is interested.
Regards and good luck for the future, Shaun"
Originally sent by email on March 12th 2008
"Thanks Matt, you did a superb job of the fibreglass and on probably the wetest day of the year, Who says you can only fibreglass in the summer? Cheers Dave (crell)" Originally posted as a comment on KoiVista by user Crell, January '08
"......after leaving it a couple of days to cure as instructed, I then went over it inch by inch checking for any sharp points and giving it all a good wash - as far I as I was concerned back then, it was perfect. So smooth and bright and shiny. In fact, I was tempted never to fill it with water for fear of spoiling it!" Originally posted on the KoiChat Forum by user Netsukekoi, November '07
"Not often on site these days!  But would like to give my recommendation for Matt Williams, who came to my neck of the woods a couple of years ago and did my pond, Bromley, Kent, Greater London.  He did a great job and at a very reasonable price and in the snow!!! " Originally posted on the Koi Mag Forum by user Sugar, January 2007
"Had the pond foam lined and fibreglassed today. Done by GRP Lining services ( Matt & Matt). Real nice guys and very professional. Well pleased with finished job" Originally posted on the Extreme Koi Forum by user Jono, August 2006
Easter period 27th - 29th March 2005. Matt was assisted by his Fibre Glassing friend Mick Hollis, they had three ponds to do, one at Iver, Graham Kerwood's at Banstead and mine in Farnborough. They have done a fantastic job and would highly recommend them to any one considering fibre glassing their pond. Many Thanks for a job well done.... Originally posted on the Mad About Koi Forum by Mr Pinchen, Farnborough
Matt Williams (GRP Lining Services) is doing the fibreglassing, Matts been recommended by so many people and if you look at his work on his web site you can understand why.
Good look in your build Tony Originally posted by 'Cotty' in response to the thread RE: BUILD QUERY/BTM DRAINS on Koi Vista
"We would like to say thank you for all those that have helped us on our way, Mike Shaw at Evolution Aqua, Matt Williams of GRP Lining Services, Dave & Tony at Songbird Media, and Koi and Koi Carp Magazines. Graham & Chris from Kitsu Koi
Dear Matt

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service you provided us with recently. We did as you suggested by checking over the fibreglass and only had to sand out a few leaves that must have got blown in after you left.

I was especially pleased with your professional attitude towards us. You delivered everything you promised. (a rarity with so many trades these days.) Good luck in the future with your business and thank you once again.

Ian Birkin Comment from a happy customer (30th January 2006).
Hi Ray

Contact Matt at GRP Lining Services, he uses the forum, and is probably the best in the business. We are due for some work done, so you could come and see the finish first hand if your in the area. I have seen some of his other work, and I have never heard a bad word said against him, ask any other forum member who has had work done by Matt and they will say 10 out of 10.

Chrisn.Originally posted as a comment on the Yorkshire Koi Forum in response to a thread titled "fibreglass".
Matt and co. came today at 7.20am and worked at an amazing rate, and left me with a nice shiny black new pond and filters this afternoon.

Dead pleased with the results, the finish is dead smooth, glassing was priced similarly to other quotes I had for same materials etc, and from bare blocks to new pond in just a couple of days!”
Originally posted as a comment by a member of the Richdon Koi Forum
The references which were supplied by GRP Linings I went along to look at and not only the finish was superb, but they recommended the service wholeheartedly which counts for a lot in my book. Just something to consider when prices are quoted so cheap!!
Originally posted as a comment by another member of the Richdon Koi Forum
"A big thank you to Matt and his team who arrived around 8-30am after travelling from Derbyshire & helped put the tent up over the pond & who didn't leave till 7pm tonight. They had a couple of calculated breaks for curing time but apart from that it was non-stop for 10 hours, well pleased"” Originally posted as a comment on Koi Vista by the Chairman of The Yorkshire Koi Society on 14th May 2005"
"Try Matt Williams of GRP linings, he is not the cheapest but I can highly recommend after he did mine in very trying conditions with no probs at all.
Yorkshire Koi forum member Crell 2010

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Thank you to all of our customers who have spoken favourably about our service levels and quality of our fibreglassing systems.

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